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We thank our patrons who continue to keep us inspired and would like to share some of their beautiful messages.

    Seasons Brand Testimonials

Yesterday I received your parcel with the wonderful Kashmir Paisley shawl. It is absolutely an outstanding piece of beauty and shows Kashmir handicraft in perfection. I also want to thank you very much for the quick shipping which I really appreciated as well.
-AF, Frankfurt, Germany
The Kashmir Paisley Shawl Collection
I just received the most BEAUTIFUL shawl that I ordered from your online shop, the packaging was beautiful but the Shawl took my breath away. It is more beautiful than I thought. Thank you!
-GC, Miami, Florida
The Kashmir Paisley Shawl Collection
Dear Kashmir Company, I received the two shawls yesterday and the shawls are gorgeous!! Looking forward to ordering one more this fall.
-KF, New York
The Nishaat Shawl Collection
I would like to thank you for this exquisite shawl. I will wear it with awareness and gratitude especially to the blessed hands of person that made it. Quality both of the product and service is truly wonderful. Once again thank You.
-DM, Poland
The Nishaat Shawl Collection
Thank you so much for the unbelievable good customer service! I treasure it.
-TK, Finland
The Nishaat Shawl Collection
I have received my order, and i LOVE the cashmere scarf! It is the softest cashmere scarf I have ever owned. You were not kidding when you said ""Softest Cashmere Scarf in the World". I will be buying from you again in the future.
-LR, Seattle
The Softest Cashmere in the world Collection
Softest Cashmere Collection Cashmere Jacquard Paisley Scarf
I received a shawl from my mother as a Christmas gift and I love it. I have received so many nice comments every time i wear it. Everyone wants to know where I bought it from. Thanks for assisting my mother to select the right shawl for me, the color and embroidery are just what I like. I am definitely buying one of your gorgeous silk shawls this spring.
-MS, Austin, Texas
The Kashmir Paisley Shawl Collection
The Ritz Carlton show was gorgeous and I love the 2 shawls I bought. The white Cashmere scarf is the softest I have ever owned (thanks for introducing me to the ring trick, its awesome to see the expression on my friends faces when I pass the scarf through my ring) and the the hand embroidered silk shawl is so luxurious. Thank You!
-LR, Half Moon Bay, CA
Cashmere Jacquard Paisley Scarf The Kashmir Paisley Shawl Collection
Awesome product collection displayed at the Ritz exhibition. The craftsmanship on the hand embroidered shawls were beautiful and your cause is very inspirational. I love the paisley shawl.
-SP, Half Moon Bay, CA
The Kashmir Paisley Shawl Collection
Your collections are simply marvelous. I wish you best of luck with your vision and wish you all the success.
-VU, Pleasanton, CA
The Nishaat Shawl Collection The Kashmir Paisley Shawl Collection
Love the black Nishaat shawl with the embroidery which I received as a Christmas gift . I have worn it a few times already through the holiday party season and everyone loves it.
-LC, Detroit, Michigan
The Nishaat Shawl Collection
Compliments to you on the beauty of the Kashmir Company Products. I am a proud owner of three hand embroidered shawls from three of your gorgeous collection. I thank my niece for introducing me to your products.
-P, Palo Alto, CA
The Kashmir Paisley Shawl Collection
The Nishaat Shawl Collection The Kashmir Reshum Silk Shawl Collection
I feel like a princess when I wear a Kashmir Company shawl.
-AT, Los Altos, CA
The Kashmir Ivory Shawl Collection
I have purchased three hand embroidered shawls and one scarf and treasure each one of them.
-ST, Basel, Switzerland
The Kashmir Reshum Silk Shawl Collection The Kashmir Ivory Shawl Collection Cashmere Silk Scarf Collection
... just gifted me with the Paisley shawl on my birthday. Thanks for conspiring with him to get me such a beautiful gift. It is absolutely breathtaking.
-PS, San Francisco, CA
The Kashmir Paisley Shawl Collection
.. was not able to part with the Cashmere wool scarf that I bought for my mom. Leaving for Europe in September to see her. Will need to buy 2 - one as her birthday gift and the other for my cousin. We do not get such beautiful shawls in Prague.
-CV, Los Angeles, CA
Cashmere Silk Scarf Collection the silk scarf, saving money to buy a Reshum Silk shawl. Love that collection.
-MB, North Carolina
Cashmere Silk Scarf Collection
... the shawl was perfect in the evening for the dinner and dance. The Ivory color worked very well the with the wedding gown and the embroidery colors complimented the dresses that the bridesmaids wore. Thanks for providing the inspirational colors for the wedding ensemble.
-GC, Monterey, CA
The Kashmir Ivory Shawl Collection
Thank you for sending the scarfs so fast, I received them today and they are gorgeous - perfect gift for my Mom and wife.
-PF, New York
The Kashmir Ivory Shawl Collection Cashmere Silk Scarf Collection
OMG!! What a beauty! I was waiting for the Shawls I ordered last week and it came on time. I love the beautiful Hand Embroidery on the Shawls.
-CK, Paris
The Nishaat Shawl Collection The Kashmir Paisley Shawl Collection
Thanks you very much for the beautiful wrap! It is one of a kind, I will treasure it.
-JT, San Jose, California
The Kashmir Paisley Shawl Collection
"Thanks to the Kashmir Company I was able to find the perfect shawl to complement my dress."
-GH, Toronto, Canada
"My wife was very pleased with the shawl I bought her and your help in making the right selection was superb. Thank you."
-LW, Lawrence, Kansas
"The colors and embroidery are superb on these shawls. I could spend all day looking at them."
-DV, Jonesboro, Arkansas
"I am very picky so it’s a good thing I found your website. It is so hard to find lavender shawls that are well embroidered. Thanks to you I was able to."
-BR, Cleveland, Ohio
"Excellent examples you have. As a native of Kashmir I can attest to the authenticity of your shawls. Keep up the good work."
-AK, Albany, NY
"When you say one-of-a-kind you really mean it, don’t you? I haven’t been able to find shawls of this quality on any other site or offline store and I have been looking for months. I’ll definitely be shopping here in the future."
-SK, Newport News, Virginia
"I think I am going to be wearing my new cashmere scarf for an eternity (if only I could)."
-FD, Auburn, Alabama
"Thanks for shipping my scarf out to me so quickly, I really didn’t expect it so soon. The Kashmir Company really adds meaning to the term 'fast shipping!' ".
-CT, Surrey, UK
"You have such a great selection of cashmere scarves and choosing easy. I really wish I could have bought them all!"
-BF, Elizabeth, New Jersey
"Your cashmere wraps are beautiful; so glad I finally found the real thing."
-GD, Phoenix, Arizona
"Got my wife one of these the other day and I must say that it didn’t disappoint her at all. In fact, I am still being praised to this day for the excellent purchase. Great stuff."
-MH, Cleveland, Ohio
"Thanks for giving such expert and personal advice on how to wear my new cashmere wrap. I wear it whenever I want to create a splash."
-FP, Montreal, Quebec
"I wanted a paisley pashmina for my birthday and was thoroughly delighted when my boyfriend presented me with a package from your company. I am now a happy girlfriend, thanks."
-DO, Miami, Florida
"Just received my paisley pashmina and I must say thanks for the prompt delivery; it’s not what I am used to so you can take comfort in the fact I am now a customer of yours—for life!"
-FP, Manhattan, New York
"You have a lovely collection of paisley pashmina. I have bookmarked your website so I can come back later to do some shopping."
-JE, Denver, Colorado
"Thanks for sending out my ivory shawl so quickly; the packaging was very exquisite and I think I may be ready to order again. The shawl I get has the most beautiful embroidery."
-JS, Fresno, California
"The best gift I ever got for my wife was an ivory shawl from the Kashmir Company and I get thanked for it almost every day. Thank you."
-GD, Boise, Idaho
"I must give full kudos to the Kashmir Company for putting this fine collection of Jamawar shawls on display. As a collector I have to say these are some of the best I have ever seen."
-FD, London, UK
"The embroidery on your Kashmir Palais Sozni Jamawar Black Shawl is exquisite. Do keep up the good work."
-FG, Manhattan, New York
"I tell my wife that the jamawar shawl I bought her is not for wearing everywhere but she won’t listen to me. That’s what I get for getting her something so timeless, I suppose."
-DW, LA, California
"It’s not every day that I have to run out and buy pink things but my girlfriend wanted a pink cashmere scarf pretty badly for her birthday. Luckily I came across your website and the process of ordering and shipping was seamless. Thank you."
-GH, Detroit, Michigan
"Just added my 14th pink cashmere scarf to my collection! I must say that this probably the softest cashmere scarf I have ever owned."
-VG, Albany, NY
"Got the Jacquard Paisley Lavendar Pink Border for my daughter and she is over the moon! Thank you for shipping it so fast."
-FW, Hartford, Connecticut
"I am so happy I found the real thing. So many cashmere scarves I have bought in the past have failed to live up to promise of being soft and well made. Good stuff."
-GW, Canberra, Australia
"Beautiful scarves!"
-LF, Corvallis, Oregon
"Thanks for shipping my cashmere scarf so quickly. The packaging was also a pleasant surprise."
-FC, Lawton, Oklahoma
"Now I have a reason to go outside in February; my new winter shawl gives me the confidence and I can’t say enough about its beauty and elegance. Thanks."
-FE, Duluth, Minnesota
"I think I am now the most sophisticated woman living in Alaska. My new shawl is creating quite a stir, thanks."
-Anchorage, Alaska
"These are perhaps the most luxurious winter shawls I have ever seen; I am so impressed I plan on taking the plunge in a few days. Keep an eye out for me."
-JK, Rockford, Illinois
"As a lover of all things colourful I can’t tell you how happy I was to unpack my Kashmir pashmina shawl."
-KT, Big Island, Hawaii
"The embroidery on your Kashmir pashmina shawls is simply stunning."
-GF, Hickory, North Carolina
"My wife forced my hand but I am glad I got her one of these. I haven’t heard a peep out of her weeks. Thank you from a happy husband and an even happier wife."
-DO, Surrey, UK
"Exquisitely embroidered Kashmir pashmina isn’t easy to come by so you can just imagine how happy I was to come across your website. Bookmarked!"
-FM, Fargo, North Dakota
"My grandmother has a pashmina much like the The Mughal Black Pashmina Shawl and she never wears it. She tells me it’s been in our family for about 180 years. It was my research into these great shawls that led me to your website. Keep up the fine work."
-GS, Manhattan, New York
"Kashmir pashmina as only a true connoisseur could have made. Your work is absolutely delightful and I am grabbing a piece or two for my beloved wife."
-BW, Chesapeake, Virginia
"Many years ago my grandfather shared with me a story about the collectability of a jamawar shawl. That story stuck with me and I vowed to one day start collecting. Finding your collection is like stumbling upon gold and I can’t tell you how happy I am to find them."
-DH, Beverly Hills, California
"There are few companies who actually invest the years of toil into making a fine jamawar. I like what you’ve done here. Well done."
-FP, London, UK
"Got my Kashmir scarf a full two days ahead of schedule, thank you ever so much. From here on I know where to go for all my scarf needs."
-GS, Lawrence, Kansas
"My boyfriend got me one of your Kashmir scar and I love it! He’s usually not 100% on point with what he gets me but this time he was spot on."
-BD, Brooklyn, NY
"The patterns on my new scarf are a joy to look at. The embroidery alone is the topic of discussion everywhere I go. Glad I bought it."
-VE, Yuma, Arizona
"Some of the most beautiful luxury silk scarves I have ever seen. The colors are vibrant and the designs are simply stunning."
-DP, Brisbane, Australia
"I have many luxury silk scarves and I promised myself I would not add to my collection. I broke that promise when I came across the ones you on your website. I am sheepish but nonetheless very happy with my new scarf."
-BW, Manhattan, NY
"My wife likes nothing but the best with her gifts so you can imagine how delighted I was when I came across your website offering these magnificent luxury silk scarves."
-BA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
"A shawls collection that would make the founding artisans of Kashmir very proud indeed. Great work!"
-VS, Paris, France
"Such a beautiful shawls collection makes it so hard to choose—I could have them all. I think I am going to give my husband a nudge to come visit."
-LD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
"I got my shawl today and I was enthralled and delighted by it I just had to come back and say thanks for putting together this fine shawls collection."
-GH, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
"Excellent shawls. Everything from color to design and embroidery has been given exceptionally great care. That is rare to see these days."
-GW, Twin Falls, Idaho
"My wife just loves her new ivory shawl. I’ve just dropped by to say thank you for helping me keep her happy."
-VP, Westchester, New York
"You promised that my ivory shawl would arrive all the way in France and you didn’t disappoint. Merci!"
-FO, Bordeaux, France
"I wore my new Kashmir Jama Embroidery Light Blue Shawl to a dinner recently I got so many compliments I had to write to let you know. It is now my evening shawl of choice. Thanks so much."
-GS, Montgomery, Alabama
"Having bought many shawls in the past in my quest to find the right evening shawl I have to say bravo to the Kashmir Company."
-VM, Athens, Ohio
"Great customer service; your delivery time was very quick indeed and the product took my breath away."
-FP, Phoenix, Arizona
"My evenings out are now more exciting simply because I have added better pieces to my collection of evening shawls. And it’s all thanks to the Kashmir Company."
-JD, Albany, New York
"My wife is utterly delighted at her new evening shawls (yes, I had to get her two shawls)."
-FG, Annapolis, Maryland
"Yours are simply the best evening shawls I have seen in years. The attention to detail and embroidery is superb."
-DK, Bakersfield, California
"I really liked how you’ve worked hard to define the essence of the Kashmir shawl. It really is a timeless work of art."
-JP, Calgary, Canada
"The Kashmir shawl is a perfect complement to any wardrobe and the fine collection you’ve put together is a must
-see by all lovers of these magnificent fashion accessories."
-HD, Monroe, Michigan
"Excellent collection you have here; simply marvellous."
-FG, San Francisco, California
"Having desperately wanted a cashmere silk scarf for my birthday I was overcome with joy when my husband surprised me with one he bought from your company. I felt compelled to drop by and thank you for helping him out."
-LW, Rochester, Minnesota
"The cashmere silk scarf I bought from the Kashmir Company is a cut above anything I have ever bought. The delightful designs and perfect embroidery is a joy to look at. Thank you very much."
-Hartford, Connecticut
"I just love my cashmere silk scarf. I am tempted to wear it with everything; such is its power in helping any outfit I choose stand out."
-GS, Denver, Colorado
"Your effort in preserving the beauty and elegance of the Kashmir shawl is commendable. I wish you lots of success as you continue doing so."
-JA, Topeka, Kansas
"I want to thank you for shipping my Kashmir shawl so promptly; I really wasn’t expecting it so soon."
-GH, Baltimore, Maryland
"My Garden of Amrosia Kashmir Shawl is an utter joy to both look at and wear. I am glad I found your great website and will definitely be buying more."
-BE, Denver Colorado
"I can’t express how much I enjoy wearing my cashmere Shawl. It is truly a delightful experience. Thanks for producing such a wonderful piece."
-FA, London, Ontario
"My aunt is raving about the cashmere shawl I got from you guys. She’s especially boastful of the embroidery. Thanks."
-GP, Reno, Nevada
"Thanks to the cashmere shawl I bought from the Kashmir Company I know I’ll be warm all winter. Really great work!"
-DO, Rockford, Chicago
"Your paisley shawls are unlike any I’ve seen in 4 months of searching. They take me right back to the 60s and 70s when the paisley was a part of everything I wear."
-DV, LA, California
"My wife forced me to visit your site; she was totalled enthralled by your paisley shawls and wanted one for her birthday. You didn’t let me down, thanks."
-DR, Annapolis, Maryland
"Didn’t think you’d ship all the way over here in Europe but your customer service rep reassured me that I would have no problem. My shawl arrived two days ago—thanks!"
-Amsterdam, Netherlands
"I feel like I have been transported to a time when fashion had beauty and sincerity at its core. Thanks to your beautiful paisley shawl I can enjoy that feeling anytime I want. Thanks."
-JS, Eugene, Oregon
"My mother just adores these types of shawls so you can imagine how happy she was when the package with her paisley shawl arrived. Thanks for helping me to make her day."
-GL, Imperial County, California
"Beautiful paisley shawl and prompt delivery; what more could a woman ask for? Wonderful service, thank you."
-BP, Lexington, Kentucky
"These are Pashmina shawls like I have never seen them before, and I have seen a lot. The embroidery is much defined and I can only imagine how long it must have taken to get them done—a sure sign of quality if I’ve ever seen one."
-GH, Prescott Arizona
"The item arrived at my door at 9 am Friday and by that evening it was draped around my shoulder. I couldn’t wait! I now know where to look for my pashmina shawls."
-FB, Louisville, Kentucky
"I have been receiving nothing but high praise for my pashmina shawls. Everything from family to friends wants to know where I got. I told them the Kashmir Company, of course."
-KE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
"I have been wearing cashmere scarves for a few years now but I didn’t realize what I was missing out on until now. These are heavenly!"
-JW, Springfield, Massachusetts
"Thanks for the wonderful cashmere scarf; the packaging was a delight and it got here a day early! Do let me know when you update the line."
-FC, Guildford, UK
"My husband is terrible at picking gifts for me but this time he got it absolutely right. Our anniversary is just around the corner and I have hinted that cashmere scarves are now the way to my heart."
-HO, Meadville, Pennsylvania
"Two years ago I bought a pashmina shawl (can’t say where) and within a few months it was frayed to bits. Then I came across your shawls and I must say that they are the strongest I have ever owned. Needless to say I am now and evangelist for the Kashmir Company."
-JE, Brighton, UK
"I can tell from the packaging that the Kashmir Company aims to please. Well guess what? I am thoroughly pleased! Thanks for the great service."
-GA, Long Beach, California
"My aunt is over the moon with her new pashmina shawl. I have to say thanks because you guys made it so easy for me to make her day."
-FL, Miami, Florida
“My wedding day couldn’t have been the joy and splendid occasion it was without the beautiful and artistic motif of the wedding shawls I got from the Kashmir Company.”
-GV, Owensboro, Kentucky
“My aunt recommended I try to do something different for my wedding day and I am glad I relented. The wedding wrap I wore was the highlight of the entire wedding. Thanks for making such a beautiful item.”
-TP, Lawton, Oklahoma
“The elegance and timelessness of my wedding couldn’t have been so without the beautiful wedding shawls that I chose as a theme. I refused to go with the banal “white gown” only and it paid off—big time! Thank you.”
-WF, Sydney, Australia
“Your bridal wedding shawls are exquisite; the colors are beautiful, the embroidery is very artistic and all of that makes for must-have pieces for any wedding. I am glad I found your website.”
-CP, Chico, California
“Your bridal wedding shawls are exquisite; the colors are beautiful, the embroidery is very artistic and all of that makes for must-have pieces for any wedding. I am glad I found your website. “
-CP, Chico, California
“The beautiful and bridal wedding shawls created the extra layer of beauty and brilliance that my wedding needed; I really can’t thank the Kashmir Company enough for creating such beautiful accessories.”
-WK, Youngstown, Ohio
Bridal shawls have always fascinated me so the decision to wear one on my wedding day was very easy. It also helps that you have some of the most beautiful bridal shawls I have ever seen!
-DL, Monterey, California
My wife wanted something different and our wedding planner recommended bridal shawls. The trouble is we couldn’t find bridal shawls that appealed to her tastes. Thankfully we found your website and I can say unreservedly that the event was a memorable success.
-GK, St. Louis, Missouri
“I wanted a lovely theme for my bridal party but also wanted to try something different. I saw your Ad for shawls for bridesmaids and a light bulb went off. The selection I found was marvellous and my wedding was a massive success. Lots of really great memories to serve my husband and I for years to come. Thank you.”
-BE, Eugene, Oregon
“The Field of Paisley Ivory Shawl motif was the perfect solution for the shawls for bridesmaids idea I had for my wedding. The rich patterns and embroidery was a perfect complement to their themed dresses. Thank you for doing such great work.” -HS, Annapolis, Maryland
“When I came across your colorful scarves that capture the very essence of spring, I felt I had to have one. The scarf didn’t disappoint and it got here one day sooner, which was a wonderful bonus. Thanks.”
-KW, Owensboro, Kentucky
“Your website was recommended by a friend and I have to say that your scarves are simply marvellous. I was spoilt for choice but in the end I fell hopelessly in love with the Mughal Garden Square Turquoise Spring Silk Scarf.”
-BO, Athens, Ohio
“Got my girlfriend one of these for her birthday and I was her hero for a full two weeks! Great collection and I shall be shopping again.”
-CH, Bakersfield, California
“I have searched long and hard for black shawls and I have to say yours are the best I have ever seen. The embroidery is so detailed, so well defined that I couldn’t go without ordering one. The Kashmir Company is now my new favorite place to buy my shawls.”
-DR, Holland, Michigan
“It’s very difficult to make black shawls convey the full elegance and magnificence that is inherent but the Kashmir Company has done a fine job of that. Kudos.”
-SL, Cookeville, Tennessee
“My shawl arrived today and all I can say is “wow!” I have several black shawls in my collection but this one tops them all.”
-DH, Brownsville, Texas
“The crisp breeze and earthy colors that come with spring always inspires me to wear a new shawl. Thanks to the Kashmir Company, this year will be an utterly elegant and colorful year.”
-GL, Annapolis, Maryland
“The Flowering Vines Garden Kashmir Shawl is just what I was looking for and the discount made even more appealing. Thanks!”
-VR, Columbia, South Carolina
“My wife gets a new shawl each spring and this year it was my task to find one. You made it easy, thanks.”
-FW, Knoxville, Tennessee
“I have always been fascinated by the rich tapestry found in Kashmir shawls and your company captures that tapestry better than any I’ve seen. Excellent work.”
-VT, Edmonton, Canada
“Having travelled to Kashmir several times in my early 20s, I fell in love with the people and the artistic beauty of shawl-making. Your passion for bringing these Kashmir shawls online is truly commendable.”
-JA, Logan, Utah
“Glad I took the plunge and bought a Kashmir shawl online. My worry has always been that the shawl wouldn’t match up to what I see online but yours blew me away. I dare say this site may be the only site worth shopping for these things.”
-VD, Basingstoke, UK
“My girlfriend criticized my wardrobe for being “uninspired” so I set off to find silk scarves. It turned out to be quite an adventure and I almost gave up. Your website rescued me and for that, I am grateful.”
-CG, Twin Falls, Idaho
“Kashmiri silk scarves have done so much to transform my wardrobe that I feel compelled to thank you publicly. These gems truly are a sight to behold. Excellent work you’ve done to preserve the beauty and artistic brilliance of the Kashmiri people.”
-VH, Quebec, Canada
“Making my girlfriend happy each birthday requires just a one thing: a silk scarf. Thanks to the Kashmir Company I am able to be superman for at least one day of the year.”
-BA, Pueblo, Colorado
“The paisley has always captured my imagination as a child; seeing my mother wear clothing plastered with it only drove my fascination. Your collection has really brought back great memories. Thank you.“ -FW, Brooklyn, New York
“I don’t think you could have captured the essence and timelessness any better than you’ve done with this collection. The rich history of the motif has been served well. “ -VO, Mansfield, Ohio
“This is my second purchase in less than 6 months from the Kashmir Company. It was the beloved paisley that brought me back.” -BH, Phoenix, Arizona
“Got my boyfriend something from your cashmere scarves for men collection and he absolutely loved it. He’s now cashmere scarf convert.” -VK, Annapolis, Maryland
“Finding cashmere scarves for men that actually convey the spirit of men’s scarves is not always easy. Yours have done so perfectly, well done.” -FB, Lexington, Kentucky
“Excellent collection of cashmere scarves for men and your customer service is top notch.” -CN, Bakersfield, California
“As a lover of pashmina scarves I can tell you that these are absolutely perfect. They capture all that I love about pashminas; the rich colours, subtle and thoughtful embroidery make for a delightful experience. Thank you.” -VU, Ann Arbor, Michigan
“My new Jacquard Paisley Pashmina Ivory Cashmere Scarf is all the rage among my friends and family. I expect they’ll be visiting you online soon.” -BE, Joplin, Missouri
“Pashmina scarves are my favorite fashion accessory and the Kashmir Company has a done a good job of appealing to my inner pashmina. Great stuff.” -WH, Daytona, Florida
“My husband refused to wear scarves for years until I got him one from your company. Now he’s running round evangelizing about the virtues of men’s scarves. I didn’t think I’d live to see the day.” -VT, Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Great collection of men’s scarves. It certainly made my job of choosing easier.” -SL, Lynchburg, Virginia
“Thanks to your lovely collection of black dress evening scarves I now have the right accessory to compliment my lovely collection of dresses in my wardrobe.” -BT, Odessa, Texas
“Finding the right accessory to make a splash at formal dinner parties has always eluded me but not anymore. Your Garden of Cinnamon Gold Kashmir Black Shawl had me talking about my “exquisite taste” all night.” -NE, Las Vegas, Nevada
“Now I can wear my dresses with confidence. Finding the right type of black dress evening shawls has made all the difference. Excellent collection.” KW, Omaha, Nebraska
“Jacquard paisley scarves have been my favorite for years and finding them online has never been easy. I am glad I came across your website and thanks for making them so accessible.” -GH, Quebec, Canada
“My wife has penchant for Jacquard scarves and so it was a delight to find a company that caters specifically to her tastes. I now know where to go each March 30th (her birthday). Thank you.” -BE, Surrey, UK
“Very prompt delivery, a scarf to die for and an added bonus of extremely fine packaging. What more could a girl ask for?” -BL, Boise, Idaho
“Kashmir scarves are so timeless that one can hardly grow tired of wearing them. I am proud collector and am grateful to have found your fine collection.” -VH, Ontario, Canada
“Received my Kashmir scarf today and there are several things I want to rave about: 1) It got here a day early 2) The packaging was worth keeping and 3) My scarf is absolutely beautiful! Thank you.” -BE, Manhattan, NY
“Great collection Kashmir scarves and the Palace Blue Kashmir Paisley Silk Scarf is especially exquisite.” -AV, Athens, Ohio
“My new silk shawl is a delight, thank you. The embroidery and patterns are truly something to behold and I am already getting great compliments on my fine taste.” -PA, Roseburg, Oregon
“Your company is one of the very few I see online that does such fine silk shawls. And you’ve gone one step further with the most helpful customer service I have come across in a long time. Keep up the good work.” -FW, Ann Arbor, Michigan
“Thank you for shipping my silk shawl so quickly. Usually I am very anxious about where an online company will stick to their word, you’ve done so with sincerity and grace. Thank you.” -NE, Palmdale, California
“Great collection of Indian shawl and a special praise for the way in which you’ve preserved the authenticity of these pieces of artistic beauty.” -BH, Brooklyn NY
“My wife visited India and brought back a few of these many years ago and I have always wanted to update her collection. Thankfully I got the opportunity to do that through the Kashmir Company. A big thank you.” -DY, Allentown, Pennsylvania
“The embroidery and patterns on my Indian shawl are truly beautiful. Thanks for providing me with the exact specification I was looking for—I know it wasn’t easy.” -BF, San Mateo, California
I searched long and hard for a cream shawl wedding and was very glad when my aunt told me about your website. Your shawls didn’t disappoint and thanks to you I have the perfect theme planned out for my wedding. BH, Cincinnati, Ohio
Got my exceptionally beautiful cream shawl wedding delivered yesterday and I can say without reservations that you’ve won a lifelong customer. GE, Dothan, Alabama
My sister desperately wanted to have a dress theme involving shawls for her wedding but I was doubtful she’d be able to find any cream shawls. It took some searching but she found the perfect cream shawl wedding on your site. I have earned the title of “doubting Thomas” but I am glad she found her shawl. VW, Tucson, Arizona
Simply the most stunning collection of bridal shawls and wraps a bride could ask for. Beautiful colors and embroidery makes creating the perfect theme a breeze. VR, Bowling Green, Kentucky
This collection comes highly recommended from a bride who had the most beautifully themed wedding. The bridal shawls and wraps collection gave me the flexibility to create something authentic and memorable. LE, Humboldt County, California
I couldn’t have asked for a more elegant and well-coordinated wedding. These shawls should be on the top of any wedding planner’s list. Simply marvellous. VA, Monroe, Michigan
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