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Kashmir Company Products

      Traditionally created for the royal courts of Asia and Europe, Kashmir carpets and shawls continue a tradition that began in the 15th and 16th century when Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic cultures met and mingled in Kashmir as artisans from central Asia and Iran settled in the area. Influenced by local Kashmir traditions, Kashmir art thrived under royal patronage for many centuries. Modern day tourism continued to provide the sustenance that was needed in the recent past. However the last quarter of a century has been turbulent for Kashmir and its people. With a fall in patronage, Kashmir artisans have had to find alternate means of livelihood and collectively, their highly desired artistry is at a decisive point in history.

      Hand-crafted by master craftsmen, Kashmir Company products are exceptional and very exclusive. The products are unique in their exquisite and intricate artistry and have been created using materials that are the finest that Kashmir has to offer - the purest hand-woven Himalayan Pashmina, the best Kashmir wool, and the most exotic Kashmir silk. Every item in each of our collections has been hand selected by our in-house Kashmir experts, some items having been commissioned exclusively for us. Every product offered at Kashmir Company has been touched by hand during multiple or all stages of their creation–hand-woven, hand-knotted, hand-embroidered, hand-sown, hand-dyed, hand-washed and even traditionally sun dried – with an attention to detail that only the finest institutions guarantee.

      Kashmir Company products are offered currently via two distinctive brands –
 Dynasty Home Furnishings and Seasons Fashion Collection.

      Products of Kashmir Company are not for the mass market. These very exclusive products target a clientele which appreciates the exclusivity of the product and the genius of the weavers. Every item available through our two exclusive brands is unique, and once a piece is sold, another of the exact same type will not be available. We are very confident that the Kashmir Company products will not disappoint even the most discerning of tastes.

      New items get added to existing collections or new collections get introduced regularly, so we welcome you to visit Kashmir Company often. There will always be something exclusive and unique every time you browse.